Thank you, Kim Chester: We could never repay you for what you have given us.

Part 1 of a three-part series on three incredible teachers.

When I think of a caring, loving and devoted teacher, I think of Kim Chester.  Mrs. Chester has been at Minco the last eighteen years.  She was at Mustang and Amber-Pocasset before coming to Minco.  Mrs. Chester has been a leader for the Minco First Baptist Church for years in children's ministry.  Kim and her husband Mike are a true blessing to our community.

As a superintendent and as a parent, I have witnessed firsthand the work of Kim Chester.  She is first of all Loyal.  Mrs. Chester will fight for her students.  If Mrs. Chester thought one of her students wasn’t getting a fair shake, she is quick to stand up and be an advocate for them.  She has always loved her classes.  There have been very few issues of discipline in her classes because her students learn that she loves them.  Now she has handled a lot of situations mind you, and she has little problems handling herself and her students.

Mrs. Chester is very kind.  We will never know how many coats, pairs of shoes or clothes that she has given to her students.  She cares for each and every student.  Kim is very empathetic and the response of her students back to her over the years is incredible.  She is well loved by our students.  In a society that has become ever selfish, this fine teacher has exhibited kindness, and she has been a giver to those in need.

Mrs. Chester is devoted to student learning and teaching school.  She has a strong passion for education and she has put together a mighty strong resume in teaching.  Mrs. Chester has never shied away from learning and improving her craft.  She has invested time, dollars and hard work into teaching. If she thinks a curriculum or a system is what is best for her students, she is going for it.  Kim Chester is an exceptional teacher.  We need more like her.

Kim Chester told me a few months ago that she had decided to make this her last year, and she has decided to retire.  I was saddened for us, but excited for her.  Her and Mike have a beautiful family and those grandkids are front and center in her life.  Kim, I want you to know the impact you have made in the lives of hundreds of children will live on for generations to come.  Although it is hard to see you go, we are happy to see you enjoy this next chapter in your life.  Mrs. Chester, on behalf of a grateful community, I simply say thank you and God-speed!!