Ann Frisbie

Thank you, Ann Frisbie: We could never repay you for what you have given us.

Part 2 of a three-part series on three incredible teachers.

Mrs. Ann Frisbie has been a mainstay at Minco High School since 1983.  She and Greorge came to Minco in ‘83 and are we glad they did!!  Ann has influenced hundreds over the last 38 years of teaching.  She was Home Ec when Home Ec was cool, and she was FACS when Home Ec wasn’t cool.  In fact I dare anybody to tell her she is a home ec teacher.  Mrs. Frisbie’s passion for what she does is matched with a fire.  Whether it be a superintendent or a student who is in trouble, Mrs. Frisbie shows that passion and she will stand for what is right and just in the lives of her students.

Ann loves her job.  She has guided so many in career choices, decision making, how to cook and care for clothes as well as parent a baby.  But this is just the beginning of what Mrs. Frisbie has done for her students.  She has walked through tragedy and devastation with students by being a rock in the times of trouble.  She was never afraid to steer a child in the right direction when she saw that child going down a dangerous path! Her passion and her love for her students is unyielding.

Mrs. Frisbie is bold.  Today so many just skirt around issues, but not Mrs. Frisbie.  She has garnered the respect of her peers, her students and her community.  She eloquently helps students understand the impact of life’s choices: good and bad.  She is not afraid to address students who are in harm's way, and she is not afraid to heap praise on her students who have had great successes.  Ann Frisbie is a people person and a wonderful teacher and advocate for her students.

Success is what I think of when I think of Ann, She has had state officers, many district and local officers who have done great things in their lives.  Ann drives the FCCLA ship.  Volunteerism and helping others is key to her program.  I have accompanied Ann on many trips to volunteer to places like the Children’s Center in Bethany, Toby Kieth’s Ok Corral for families of sick children, OU Children’s hospital. Feed the Children, The Oklahoma county humane society.  Not to mention the many many local events and drives she has led.  She has instilled in her students through the years the need to help those that need help and care.  Mrs. Frisbie cares and it shows.

I have had the good fortune to view Ann as a superintendent and a parent.  She loves her students and is committed to them like no other.  A few months ago when she told me her intentions to retire, I was heart-sick!!  I was also thrilled for her and George.  They have two great adult children and grandchildren whom they adore.  Ann, I cannot adequately express my thanks to you.  A thank you doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  Ann, on behalf of a grateful community, I extend our thanks, and God speed!!