Thank you, Melinda

Thank you, Melinda Morrison: We could never repay you for what you have given us.

Part 3 of a three-part series on three incredible teachers.

For 35 years Melinda Morrison has taught business tech classes at Minco.  This says very little about Mrs. Morrison.  She is a lifelong resident of Minco, and I don’t know too many that are more passionate about the Minco Bulldogs than her.  It is more than that however.  It is who Melinda Morrison is that is so wonderful for our school and our students.  Melinda is all class, and she is one of the kindest and sweetest people you will ever meet.

Mrs. Morrison is a wonderful teacher.  She runs our media program, and out Dog TV and our youtube channel is of her making.  She definitely knows how to put a yearbook together, and she can meet a deadline better than anyone I know.  Melinda has taught hundreds of students everything from how to use a typewriter to how to build a webpage.  Technology has developed rapidly since 1986 which was Mrs. Morrison’s first year to teach.  She has more than kept up with those changes.  She has mastered those changes, and she has been able to teach students how to be successful using technology.

Melinda is caring and generous to others.  She is a very humble person who continuously puts others first.  She and her husband Mike have been valuable to our community their entire lives.  They are active members in the  Minco First Baptist church, and they care deeply about Minco and its people.  Many times she has helped with food drives, clothing drives, and been an emotional support to students and co-workers who needed a listening ear.  She is personally generous and has done many things for students who were in need.  Melinda is a caring soul and her influence will continue to keep on going for many years to come.

A few months ago , Mrs. Morrison let me know of her intentions to step away from the classroom.  As with the other retirees, my heart sank when she broke the news.  At the same time I am very happy for Melinda and Mike. They have three wonderful adult children and beautiful grandchildren.  She is looking forward to her time and life beyond the school years.  She has earned them. She has been a rock at Minco Public Schools.

Melinda Morrison is a friend to many.  She has always represented herself with class and dignity.  I will miss her kindness.  She is well respected by her peers and students.  This little article cannot do justice in expressing my thanks to Melinda Morrion.  Melinda, on behalf of a grateful school and community, we say thank you and Godspeed!!