Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year.

It's hard to believe that in two weeks Minco students will be back in school.  I am very excited about the new school year.  It is always great to begin a new school year.  The excitement of meeting your teacher, seeing your friends, and getting involved in activities brings on a great level of expectation. The energy of our students, teachers, and community are always bristling that time of year.

2020-2021 was a year of great challenges.  We faced many difficulties and dealing with a pandemic was not on any of our bucket lists.  Quite frankly with the Delta Variant, covid is not done.  In this upcoming year, we should expect challenges.  We can expect some hard days, but just like last year, we will step up to the occasion and we will work very hard to get through this.  

We will continue to sanitize and we are looking at air purification systems to help kill the virus and other viruses.  We encourage that your child wears a mask or face covering to school if you so desire.  We will not and cannot have a mask mandate unless Governor Stitt declares a state of emergency.  That is very unlikely at this point.  So to be clear, Minco Public Schools has no mask mandate at this time as we start school. As mentioned above , your child is certainly welcome to wear a mask or face covering.

We will follow the state guidelines for quarantining. As of right now, they are the same as last year.  We will be sending this out to every home and having a meeting on our Minco School Facebook Page at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, August 3rd to discuss how we will deal with covid and quarantining.  

As we approach this year, student success is the primary focus for our school.  We at Minco Pride ourselves in great academics, athletics, and organizational involvement.  This new year will be no different.  We will strive to educate  and love our students.  We have their best interest at heart.  We have great anticipation about having a great school year.

This year we welcome some new staff members who I greatly look forward to working with here at Minco.  Please join me in welcoming these new staff members:

Pre-K: Maddison Cook

Elementary Spec Ed: Keisha Hill

MS Reading: Kara Pate

MS Social Studies: Leah McMurtrey

MS/HS English: Julie Schroeder

HS FACS: Audrey Rice

HS Paraprofessional: Ashley Nitzinger

SPEC ED Paraprofessional: Destiny Wilson

As we enter the 2021-2022 school year, it is important to know we will have challenges, but we will rise to meet those challenges head on.  I look forward to seeing our students here on August 12th.  It's going to be a great year.