Thank you, Sheri Jensen

This year will mark the end of a great career for Mrs. Sheri Jensen.  Mrs. Jensen has served as a paraprofessional, art teacher, band teacher, special education teacher, special education director, gifted and talented coordinator, and student council sponsor just to name what I can remember.  Sheri Jensen has a passion for what she does, and she is a caring person who puts others first.  

Mrs. Jensen cares for her students.  She has a passion for them to succeed and learn.  She works very hard to help her students move forward in their lives.  Over the years, Mrs. Jensen has put in many many hours above and beyond the normal workday to make sure her students have received the best education possible.  She will not be denied in her pursuit for her kids.

Regardless if it was band, art or special ed, she fought for her students.  If she runs it or teaches it, you know it will be run right. Sheri has a passion and work ethic that we will miss up here at Minco.  While serving as a teacher, she has also served as a wonderful community volunteer who has helped been a huge part of the Minco Honey Festival for several years. Sheri Jensen has always worked hard at what she has been involved in.  We will miss her dedication and loyalty to her students, school and community.

Sheri loves her family.  Her passion and dedication go far beyond the classroom and community.  Mrs. Jensen is a tremendous wife, mother, and grandmother. She loves her family and they love her right back.  A few months ago Mrs. Jensen told us of her decision to retire and a lot of the reason was her family.  She will be missed by us, and we also are glad for her family as she will be a full-time wife, mom, and grandma.

We are grateful for Mrs. Jensen and all she has done for the Minco school district.  Sheri, we wish you the best and hope your time with your grandkids will be filled with fun and joy.  Godspeed Mrs. Jensen